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Painting landscapes is my way to respond to the world around me. I work in oils, watercolor, and use a pencil for my sketches, each medium has a number of works available on this site for you to enjoy!

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Polder light

Here is a small polder watercolor – polder light – which I often do after a bike ride through the…

Windmill sketch

Here is another weekend watercolor sketch… Gearing up for some more painting in Amsterdam and Haarlem this week… With summer…

Watercolor cow

A small watercolor cow sketch 20x20cm on this very lazy saturday afternoon. The greenfields (groeneveld :-))) are filled with these…

Watercolor beach fun

Watercolor beach fun Watercolor beach fun at Noordwijk beach festival 2 weeks ago, great paint-out with many talented artists coming…

Blue Wednesday

Blue Wednesday Blue wednesday! Yesterday morning blue dominated the dutch beach scene in Noordwijk… Here is a small oil attempt…