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Painting landscapes is my way to respond to the world around me. I work in oils, watercolor, and use a pencil for my sketches.

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Private: Solo Show in Harderwijk

Hi, Folks,… here is my announcement for the upcoming Solo Show with a number of new works in oil and watercolor. Looking forward to share and show my art and give you an impression on how I see my surroundings and turn it into something that inspires and makes life just a bit nicer, happier and interesting to look at. If you are in the neighbourhood of Harderwijk on Saturday, 15th of April.. please, stop by and see the works at Gallery Arneri.

Painting and Sketching Elburg and Veluwe

Spend some time sketching and painting in Elburg and our national park the Veluwe… In between showers – handling a ‘windy’ 7dgs C – I managed to work on a bunch of sketches and a small painting in the afternoon. Elburg is a great old town near Harderwijk, actually it is a small city.. a Hanzen-city! With its own trade agreements with other cities in the 16th century.. No longer relevant though, you see, trade agreements do seize to exist…. 😉  

Personal Assistant

I had a personal assistant judging my outdoor sketch-work in old-town Harderwijk today. Did quite a bit of drawing and some painting to capture low winter light conditions (before the forecasted rainstorm tonight..)

Beach clouds

Can’t wait for this kinda weather…! This studio piece with beach clouds is a nice reminder -on this grey and cold tuesday- that things will get better…  

Winter fields in polder

Winter polder, raw and empty fields with last bit of ice… This watercolor was done outside in the so called polder. The area of land that usually sits under sea level and is just for cows to enjoy. The day was cold but there was not much wind. This really helps and keeps you from cooling off when painting. The watercolor paper I use here is 300grams Arches, a wonderful paper, however, it simply won’t dry with these temperatures. It demands that you are basically painting everything in one wash.. waiting for a first wash to dry is not really possible.

Beach commission 2016

Here is my final watercolor commission of 2016 … the beach is close to Haarlem, my city, never a problem to look for inspiration in the dunes and/or beach….! This watercolor was painted with a speedy brush. The sky requires a certain freshness that can only be painted with the brush flies so to speak. The challenge for these compositions is in the overall design and ultimately in the details such as the two women walking the beach. I remember taking my time in figuring out where to fit them in .. actually I left them out for at least a few days before I decided to paint them in. I really enjoy working and thinking these compositions through. You might think that it shouldn’t be too hard but the devil is often in the detail and it requires some experience with the subject to figure it all out.

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby, small layer of ice in the dunes, allowing me to pull out my blues … another small oil I did in the Kennemer duinen yesterday , 8 x 6 inches (20 x 15 cm). I recently starting to enjoy these smaller plein-air panels which I prepare myself for painting outdoors. They are almost the same size at which I draw and sketch my thumbnails at home. The small guerilla painters pochade box – which fits these small panels – was bought at the plein-air Event PACE16 in Tucson Arizona last year! A great event it was… with some really nice deals on paint-gear in the business pavillion. Below you see the underpainting in red umber and a bit of orange. It just shows the big shapes to have an idea of the impact of the small painting. When you squint you should see the overall pattern of…

Dutch Dunes in winter light

Very cold day in the dutch dunes of Kennemerland but NO wind at all..! That is very important for these colder temps. Low temperatures can be dealt with but wind or the combination of cold and wind is no good. Felt great to be outdoors and paint a bit in oils.. after a series of watercolor landscape commission I really enjoyed working with my oils again.

Corrie Ten Boom huis Haarlem

A watercolor commission I painted some time ago for a very friendly customer in the USA, the subject being ; Corrie Ten Boom’s house in Haarlem.. situated minutes from where I live. Corrie Ten Boom a remarkable Dutch woman surviving the atrocities of war and on the basis of her faith…